Carniolan Queen 2021 #2

STILL TAKING ORDERS FOR:  Whyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona (until around April 20th or until sold out)

We are adding another 1000 packags and queens to supply the huge demand of bees for 2021

Mated New World Carniolan Queen Bee

Delivery anywhere from Middle of April to Middle of May.  Depends on the weather.

New World Carniolans are known for their explosive spring buildup, which enables them to grow rapidly in population and take advantage of blooms that occur much earlier in the spring in comparison to other races.  They are extremely gentle and can be worked with little smoke and protective clothing, and are much less prone to robbing other colonies of honey, thus lowering disease transmission among colonies.  They are also excellent comb builders.

Queens are not marked, doesnt help anything and we like to leave the queens as the are in nature.

Delivery is tentatively scheduled for late April to early May.  We will make every effort to deliver orders as soon as they are ready, but please keep in mind that we are dealing with live animals and weather conditions that are out of our control, so the pick up date is subject to change.

We do not ship out queens or pacakges, only deliver them on our routes.


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Carniolan Queen 2021 #2

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